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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Kusatsu: Kiyoshigekan

 The awesome view from my room.

 Snack party at Kiyoshigekan. Japanese beer is super cheap. This caramel corn was the shiznit.
If I ever come to Kusatsu again, I'd probably stay at Kiyoshigekan again because:
  1. It's probably the cheapest ryokan in town; 
  2. Their website is in English;
  3. It was easy to make a booking online;
  4. I like the room. Tatami floors, traditional decor, fluffy futon, room with a view - I like these very much; 
  5. Friendly staff (I think only Naoto speaks English though);
  6. I liked the traditional Japanese dinner and breakfast; and
  7. When I was checking out, Naoto (the owner/proprietor?) drove us back to the bus stop. Saved me from dragging my luggage along the snow and slipping on the ice for the umptieth time. Thanks Naoto, much appreciated :)

Using their hot spring baths at night was super scary though. I shouldn't have read ghost stories before taking a dip.

Kusatsu by day


I fricken love this place.

My cousin used to go here all the time with her ex-husband. 

Kusatsu by night

Three words: quaint, onsen and snow.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Shirakawago Part 2

Back in Kusatsu, I slipped on the ice so many times. Fuck you ice! However in Shirakawago, I had non-slip boots kindly loaned to me by the staff at Gensaku (the traditional guest house I was staying at).

If you ever come  to Shirakawago, you have to try these! They're green tea covered coffee beans from Mamekichi. I still have an unopened bag in my room (too good to eat). They do sweet-flavoured coffee beans and savoury flavoured beans, and theres samples of almost everything they sell in the store.

Hida beef skewer for 500円. Had the perfect amount of fattyness. Also had the hida beef croquet, and that was super-frickin delicious.

Got the mystery juice.
Got apple juice!
Got hungry after exploring town for a bit so I popped into the next (open) restaurant I could find.
Kare~~ It was a super huge portion too. I'm usually a fan of spicier, Indian/Thai curries, but this was good.

Not a fan of this. My brain tells me it should be sweet but I couldn't come to like its soy sauce taste flavour.

At Gensaku, the traditional guest house I was staying at. The free tea and biscuits was much appreciated.

Futon!! Since it was winter, the inclusion of an electric heater under the blanket was a nice touch.

This was the inclusive traditional dinner. Very nice.

Pretty sure this was the inclusive traditional breakfast. I liked everything except the soup. I'm not a fan of miso and/or bland soups.
I really like the interior of Gensaku. Very homely. However, unless you were in your room, it gets pretty cold. Especially in the toilets.

If I didn't see this notice, I probably would've explored Shirakawago at night. Since the bears would be hibernating.