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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Kusatsu: Kiyoshigekan

 The awesome view from my room.

 Snack party at Kiyoshigekan. Japanese beer is super cheap. This caramel corn was the shiznit.
If I ever come to Kusatsu again, I'd probably stay at Kiyoshigekan again because:
  1. It's probably the cheapest ryokan in town; 
  2. Their website is in English;
  3. It was easy to make a booking online;
  4. I like the room. Tatami floors, traditional decor, fluffy futon, room with a view - I like these very much; 
  5. Friendly staff (I think only Naoto speaks English though);
  6. I liked the traditional Japanese dinner and breakfast; and
  7. When I was checking out, Naoto (the owner/proprietor?) drove us back to the bus stop. Saved me from dragging my luggage along the snow and slipping on the ice for the umptieth time. Thanks Naoto, much appreciated :)

Using their hot spring baths at night was super scary though. I shouldn't have read ghost stories before taking a dip.

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