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Monday, 28 January 2013


During this trip, we've been constantly on the move. So relaxing at a hot spring was much needed.

At the front of the Gin-no-yu (Silver hot spring). The hot spring water contains carbonic acid and radium. It is believed to smooth the skin, neuralgia and digestive disorders. The hot spring was more like a pool though.

My first hot spring experience was....interesting. But enjoyable in retrospect. The hot spring was hot as hell __  to say the least. It felt like I was immersing myself in boiling water. I could only enter the water by verrrrry slowly immersing one part of my body at a time. Eventually I could comfortably sit there with the water up to my neck.

While in the water, I was wondering if my male friend in the male pool would be ok. Given the extreme hotness of the water, I was worried that my friend's baby making parts (and their contents) would die. It turns out that he only went into the water up to his knees. Chicken.

The sauna however, was not pleasant. It was incredibly hot and incredibly steamy, such that it was extremely difficult to breathe. I only lasted 2 seconds in there, before I ran out screaming.

Waiting for my male buddy to get out from the hot spring.
Arima-Onsen manhole cover.

There were quite a few hot springs in this quaint little town. I would have liked to come back and experience them all.... despite the awkwardness of my friend and I seeing each other naked. (You have to be naked to go in the water)

Strangers seeing me naked, and vice-versa, is not as awkward or uncomfortable.

Saturday, 26 January 2013


We visited Kobe for a day trip (until the afternoon) from Osaka, at the recommedation of Yakiniku Rokko's Boss-man.

Hara Donuts in Kobe's Chinatown. I'm a bit prejudiced against donuts because they're usually oily and overly sweet. I now regret my decision to not partake in a donut from there, because word on the interwebs is that they are incredibly delicious.
The sign says: 'Today's cat staff'. It's cute that they have profile photos of the cats on duty. I really wanted to go in. But time was limited.

The heart-shaped 'no smoking' symbol is cute and endearing. I'd like to see more 'no smoking' signs like this. Hopefully the relevant government department in Australia can pick up on this.
Afterwards, we stopped by Arima-Onsen for a soak.

Friday, 25 January 2013


Nara is a nice city to visit. It is relatively small, and there is a pleasant juxtaposition between the modern and ancient aspects of Japan. It's a place that can be explored simply by walking. Unlike Kyoto. Anyhow, Nara is chock-a-block full of deer!
My soybean milk ice cream. Very creamy and refreshing to eat on a day as hot as balls.
 A manhole cover in Nara.
A very nice lady lent me some rice to feed to the pigeons.

 Deer cookies. Not for human consumption. I think. They look quite scrumptious though.
Draw me like one of your French girls.
And there you have it...deer shit.
For dinner that day, I had an unagi don set. The small dish in the back contained oolong tea jelly. Not too sweet, but absolutely perfect. I would pay just to have a large tub of it.
My friend's eel sushi set. I love eel. I tried to eat my friend's oolong tea jelly. He slapped my hand away.

All in all, the slow pace and picturesque scenery of Nara (not to mention the deer) makes this city a nice place to have a day trip to. Probably only once though.  

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Yakiniku Rokko Shinsaibashi

Yakiniku Rokko is a BBQ meat buffet restaurant in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. All-you-can-eat meat, condiments and side dishes, up to a time limit of 2 hours! And trust me, 2 hours is plenty of time to eat. Then again, I'm a fast eater and I breathe down food like it is air. 
The Boss man. 

Coincidentally, he used to live in Perth many years ago for work. His job was to buddy up to the fisherman and have meals with them. Awesome job. He's super friendly and kindly informed me of the awesomeness of Kobe and Arima-Onsen, which I subsequently visited. 
Unlimited supply of creamy potato salad. Love this! Japan has the best potato salad. Probably. Definitely.
Glorious meat! Our buffet plan included:

  • Wagyu beef 
  • Sliced rib eye beef
  • Sliced beef cheeks
  • Marinated spare ribs
  • Sliced skirt steak
  • Sliced short ribs
  • Beef heart
  • Beef stomach (could not stomach this)
  • Beef large intestine 
  • Pork neck meat
  • Pork ribs
  • Pork belly
  • Chicken 
  • Lamb 
  • Hamburger patties
  • Sausages
  • Potato salad
  • Kimchi
  • Assorted veggies
  • White rice
  • Sea weed soup

My buddies and I ate here twice! After generally eating (cheap but yummy) convenience store food, we had a meat craving only this eatery could satisfy.

And boy, were we satisfied.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Miyajima Island

Off to Miyajima Island!! We had to commute to Hiroshima from Osaka via the bullet train. Which took a few hours. Then we took another train to Miyajima station, and then took the ferry to the island. When you factor in the time taken to commute there and back, I'm a shitty trip planner. Actually, going out and about during this Japan trip was pretty much spontaneous.
Breakfast that day. Cheap, filling, and yummers.
The ferry taking us to Miyajima Island.
Miyajima Island is all about the deer!!
Deer candy I think. There's also chocolate balls that are packaged as 'deer shit'. But I couldn't find them here.
That deer's butt looks like a love-heart.
 In a souvenir shop.
Miyajima Island is famous for it's rice scoops. If I recall, the largest one in the world is on this island.
Soy sauce saucer which looks like a paenis. Cannot unsee.
Ok bye.