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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

LOVE Japan

During my mid year break, I went to Japan! I already want to go back  BUT I'M NOT ALLOWED TO UNTIL I GRADUATE IN 2.5 YEARS

What do I love about Japan? I love the people, the fashion and the girls! and the guys 
There were several occasions where my friends and I were hopelessly lost, but the people were nice and willing to help. Sure, most of the people we interacted with knew little or no English, but I had a very very very basic command of the Japanese language, so we could manage getting around. 

But when it came to conversations, that's when things got hairy...
Like that time I was alone and lost in Sendai, it was a little hard to communicate with this super nice lady whom (who?) was walking with me to where I needed to go <3 
Things like where I came from, what I was doing in Japan and what I studied, I could remember from a beginners Japanese unit I did 2 years ago. But talking about more complex things was more difficult, and so for the duration of the walk it was mostly awkward silence and finding something to talk about that we both knew and understood...awkwardly.

[thank you woman from Sendai, whom (who?) I think your name is Yumiko or Yuriko...I forget...but thanks to you I made it to my gazette concert in time!]

At some music store in Kobe Chinatown.  As soon as I saw the CD, I had to put my JR Pass next to it for comparison. 

FYI the JR Pass is so worth it if you travel a lot. Just pay for the exchange order in your resident country, exchange it for the pass in Japan and then travel around to your heart's content within the designated time! I paid ¥28 300 for the  7 day JR Pass. I travelled quite a fair bit: from Tokyo I went to Sendai then Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Arima Onsen, Hiroshima and Miyajima Island. The trip from Tokyo to Sendai would cost ¥10 190. And then the trip from Sendai to Osaka would cost ¥22 090. It pretty much paid for itself once we hit up the other cities. 


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