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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Asakusabashi and such

First day in Japan I was as fresh as a rotten daisy. The day was spent exploring the area around our hotel, getting tired, falling asleep on the benches in broad daylight, and pretty much killing time until it was time to check-in at the hotel. 

(Background info: we landed at Haneda Airport at 1:00am. Killed time until 7:00am, then made our way to our hotel in Asakusabashi. Arrived at the hotel at 7:30am.Could not check-in until 3:00pm)
This was a shrine behind our hotel. It was pretty early in the morning so it was still quiet and there were hardly any people in sight. I wanted to go inside the shrine and look around but that tiny fence stopped me! Plus there was an ominous feeling because of the quietness. But mostly because of the fence. Just look at it there, mocking me. 

[I could have simply walked around the fence. But I didn't. BEHOLD THE GODLY POWER OF THE FENCE]
Lots of school kids making their way to school. I took plenty of photos of school kids, and I probably looked like a creeper to them.
I'm amazed at how realistic the prop food is! It looks so inviting and delicious, as if beckoning me to go inside and partake in them. I can almost hear them say ''Eat me!'' 
Look at them in the window, mocking me. How dare they.
This was in front of the Bandai building. Several of the Bandai characters stand outside of the building. 


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