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Monday, 18 February 2013

Around Dotonbori/Shinsaibashi

Just some snaps around the Dotonbori/Shinsaibashi area. I would have liked to take more photos (and overkill my SD card) but it seems that I tend to not take photos when I'm out shopping.

"みんなに笑顔を届けたい I want to bring a smile to everyone's face." You go Glico Man! Make the world a smilier place! I like that he has such an over-zealous looking face.
Tourists posing with the Glico Man. I should have posed with him like that too...

Dotonbori Canal is lovely at night.
Sneaky sneaky snap of a cute girl. I'm really envious of her hair. Anyways...



  1. That girl sure does have nice hair. Aww now I want to get a haircut.

    1. Same here! Whenever I see a cute girl with nice short hair, I feel the urge to lop off my long hair! But then hair did take a while to grow...and I look somewhat better with long hair =.=