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Friday, 15 March 2013


Hey all. As I sit here in front of my laptop, succumbing to the workload of uni, I present to thee various photos from when I was in Vietnam. I've been to Vietnam so many times that I'm desensitised somewhat to its niceness. But the food is cheap and amazeballs.
A woman selling an abundance of animal jerkies. Jerkied animals include cow, deer and pig.
Oh you know, just the usual traffic. There's not a lot of pedestrian crossings in Vietnam and crossing the street takes a bit of skill:
  1. Wait for there to be reasonable distance between yourself and the traffic
  2. Hold out your arms (signalling to oncoming traffic that you're crossing) 
  3. Walk across the road slowly (so the fast-moving motorbikes can predict your movement and steer around you) 
  4. Do not panic

Nice timing.
At Vinpearl, an amusement/waterpark in my mother's home town: Nha Trang. As cute as the little monkey show was, I can't help but suspect there's some animal cruelty involved.

The morning horizon.
 Just going to leave this here...
A friendly vendor at An Dong Market. Don't even bother to haggle. You won't win. *hangs head low in defeat*

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