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Sunday, 17 May 2015

yakushima: food dump etc

 Had dinner at Sushi Wakashio. It was friggin delicious, albeit expensive. The above sushi platter cost 3000円. That being said, I'm glad I ate good sushi,which was made by the old master above. I don't really like raw fish, and eating sushi (of the raw fish kind) back in Perth was a big deterrent. 

The sushi master's wife (who was the wait staff) was also reallllllly nice.
 Curry bread. It was sooooo good! I can't remember the name of the bakery I got it from, but I would imagine this is really popular. Each morning when I go to the bakery (around 8am) there would only be one left.
 From the same bakery, a red bean doughnut. Quite yummy also.

Turtle cookies from Mam's Kitchen. Super good. Sweet, hazelnutty with a savoury aftertaste. I don't recall this being cheap though, about 600-800円 I think?

 Some more monkeys.

I took the Toppy jetfoil to get back to Kagoshima. Super pricy at 18,200円 for 2 people.

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