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Monday, 4 May 2015

Yakushima: Shiratani Unsuikyo

On the second day in Yakushima, I set out to go to Shiratani Unsuikyo, which contained the Princess Mononoke Forest. Actually, the reason why I came to Yakushima was for the Princess Mononoke Forest.

Shiratani Unsuikyo is located about 30 minutes from central Miyanoura. It actually took me longer than that to get there. To get to the entrance, you need to drive up the mountain. As I drove higher and higher up the mountain, the more I freaked out - it got super foggy so that you can't see shit, I forgot my glasses back in Perth (and I need those to drive!), and when you're so high up, it is easy to imagine rolling off the mountain to a horrible, horrible death.


I rented hiking shows for the trek. They make a helluva lot of difference and I swear I could climb the big-ass rocks there at 90°. There was this big-ass rock you had to climb to get to the main path, and I don't know how the girl with the red umbrella managed to do it. She was wearing heels!
 Literally a rainforest. It rained pretty much throughout the whole trek.

 Lunch break! I had to  order these the night before, and Ta-chan drove me there to pick them up in the morning.

 No I did not stab myself with the enclosed toothpick.

From a crap tonne of rain to a crap tonne of hail.

I think the trek was overall only a few hours. I might try a 12 hour hike next time I'm in Yakushima. Who am I kidding, I'd probable die haha.

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