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Monday, 22 October 2012

Lounge Music

But first, behold!! My super adorable cousin Hayley!! She's a half-Vietnamese half-err-Caucasian baby, and she's the cutest baby I have ever seen! Just look at her pretty, big grey eyes!!

[All other babies are incomparable in my eyes!!]
Whilst procrastinating being the good and diligent student, I stumbled across some awesome music.

  Nicole Dollanganger's voice is nothing short of angelic. Nicole's vocals, accompanied by the gentle strumming of her guitar, forms the harmonious track that is Rabid. The lyrics are quite raw though, but it contrasts nicely against the soothing melody. I don't normally like ballad-kind-of-songs, but this sounds good.

Tiny Concrete Block sounds like something from a nursery, infused with beats and synthetic sounds. It's as if a nursery room slowly came to life and the sleeping toys became animate and played around. Something like the talking/animate objects from Beauty and the Beast? Anyways, it's a sweet and cute track with a bit of an edge.

Write to you later,

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