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Friday, 7 December 2012

Sensoji Temple

Just some snaps around Sensoji Temple in Asakusabashi, Tokyo. On the first day in Tokyo, while waiting for check-in at the hotel, my buddies and I explored the Asakusabashi/Ueno area. Unfortunately, by the time we were weary of exploring, it was only 10:00 am, and check in wasn't until 3:00 pm.
My travel buddies were of the opinion that the man pictured above was posing for the camera.
I think this street is supposed to house several shops. However since it was still quite early in the morning, I suppose that they were all not yet open. noshitsherlock
 Saw this face on one of the roller doors of a closed street shop. It still freaks me out to this day.

Mikuji. Translates as written oracle in English. Sounds about right. Basically these are fortunetelling stands. You donate 100 yen through a slot on the stand. On the stand there are these containers which contain sticks with numerical kanji on them. You shake the containers until a stick ''pops'' out. You then match up the kanji on the stick with the kanji on one of the little drawers on the stand. And then taa-daa there is your corresponding fortune!
On my first attempt, I received a bad fortune. bitchplease.jpg

Just tie the bad fortune on the rack as above. Then have another go~
Got the good fortune on the second try. EFF YES. One of my buddies received 4 bad fortunes in a row. It was funny.

If anyone watches Naruto, the 3 swirly black thingies on the storefront above should look familiar.
I spot a dango shop.
Some Buddhist statues. Sensoji Temple is a Buddhist temple after all.
Melon bread!! I regret not partaking in one during the entirety of the Japan trip. I want to eat one sooo bad. How can one go to Japan, and not even have melon bread?!? It's ridiculous. *le sighs*
Next time. Next time.
Takoyaki!! They're friggin' huge!! It's got more of the gingery taste, than those I've had back in Australia.

I think these men were rickshaw drivers??

It's already December. The Japan trip was in July. Oh time flies. Two weeks until I fly off to Vietnam and China :)

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