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Friday, 25 January 2013


Nara is a nice city to visit. It is relatively small, and there is a pleasant juxtaposition between the modern and ancient aspects of Japan. It's a place that can be explored simply by walking. Unlike Kyoto. Anyhow, Nara is chock-a-block full of deer!
My soybean milk ice cream. Very creamy and refreshing to eat on a day as hot as balls.
 A manhole cover in Nara.
A very nice lady lent me some rice to feed to the pigeons.

 Deer cookies. Not for human consumption. I think. They look quite scrumptious though.
Draw me like one of your French girls.
And there you have it...deer shit.
For dinner that day, I had an unagi don set. The small dish in the back contained oolong tea jelly. Not too sweet, but absolutely perfect. I would pay just to have a large tub of it.
My friend's eel sushi set. I love eel. I tried to eat my friend's oolong tea jelly. He slapped my hand away.

All in all, the slow pace and picturesque scenery of Nara (not to mention the deer) makes this city a nice place to have a day trip to. Probably only once though.  


  1. Yum! The food looks so good. And wow, you're right, deers are just out there. I don't think I've ever seen a deer that close before. And I want to go visit a cat cafe so badly but I don't think it would pass health regulations here. :(

    Haha, that manhole cover is too cute.

    1. The food was good~ The deer there were slightly aggressive when it came to food. If you had anything edible, the deer will follow you and try to eat it. At one point, a deer tried to eat a plastic bag I was holding! >.< I 'played' tug-of-war with it, trying to get the bag away from it.

  2. Oh my gosh, I've never seen deer before in my life!! You're SO lucky. I would be all "DEER, JUST TAKE MY FOOD, TAKE IT!"

    Japan looks so amazing, I love their packaging and their cute little advertisements everywhere.

    1. Yup yup. I was in deer heaven. I squealed in excitement at the sight of them.