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Monday, 28 January 2013


During this trip, we've been constantly on the move. So relaxing at a hot spring was much needed.

At the front of the Gin-no-yu (Silver hot spring). The hot spring water contains carbonic acid and radium. It is believed to smooth the skin, neuralgia and digestive disorders. The hot spring was more like a pool though.

My first hot spring experience was....interesting. But enjoyable in retrospect. The hot spring was hot as hell __  to say the least. It felt like I was immersing myself in boiling water. I could only enter the water by verrrrry slowly immersing one part of my body at a time. Eventually I could comfortably sit there with the water up to my neck.

While in the water, I was wondering if my male friend in the male pool would be ok. Given the extreme hotness of the water, I was worried that my friend's baby making parts (and their contents) would die. It turns out that he only went into the water up to his knees. Chicken.

The sauna however, was not pleasant. It was incredibly hot and incredibly steamy, such that it was extremely difficult to breathe. I only lasted 2 seconds in there, before I ran out screaming.

Waiting for my male buddy to get out from the hot spring.
Arima-Onsen manhole cover.

There were quite a few hot springs in this quaint little town. I would have liked to come back and experience them all.... despite the awkwardness of my friend and I seeing each other naked. (You have to be naked to go in the water)

Strangers seeing me naked, and vice-versa, is not as awkward or uncomfortable.


  1. i love your photos
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  2. Haha that's hilarious! I'm just beginning to read your japan trip posts and think I'm going to enjoy myself :D

    1. Lol thanks for reading and commenting! Glad you're beginning to enjoy yourself here ^^