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Monday, 17 December 2012


Some snaps around Akihabara. I regret trying to explore Akihabara, Shinjuku and Harajuku in one day. And I wish I took more photos, but I was too busy being in awe. And it was really crowded, so it was too inconvenient to whip out my camera. Most of the time.

Inside the Club SEGA games building. On the floor with all the skill testers:
Just wandering the streets aimlessly.
The Ring Lady/Sadako/Samara bondaged. At least it appears so...
A cute maid. Actually spotted a lot of maids on the streets. Wish I went to a maid cafe.
S1 No.1 Style: 私達、OO女優です. Watashitachi, something something onna yasa desu. I don't really know how to translate this. Something about 'we' and 'affectionate women'. Initially I thought this was some sort of cafe where the waitresses were bikini-clad. 

Then I googled S1 No.1 Style, and it turns out they produce AVs. (゚ロ゚;) !! 
Got over-excited with the additional functions of a toilet. I kept pushing the button which imitated the sound of a person urinating. Over and over again baby.
My cold soba and mentaiko rice meal set!! I absolutely love soba. It was the first time I tasted mentaiko, and I did not like it that much. I guess it's an acquired taste. Bought this meal at a restaurant which had a vending machine at the front where you pay. Got this meal for 350円. I loved that the food at this restaurant ranged from 300円 to 650円. Super cheap!

Later tater!

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