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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Tokyo Disney Sea

The next day after visiting Disneyland, my buddies and I went to Disney Sea. We bought the 2-day passport, which was slightly cheaper than buying individual tickets for both.

Sleeping Cheshire!!

Shhhhh! The Poo(h)s are sleeping...

I chatted with these lovely ladies during the gondola ride. With my schitty Jap. The lady on the right, Tsumoko, was celebrating her birthday that day. And we all sang happy birthday to her. She called me kirei (๑→‿←๑) kyaaa ermagherd whyy

Found a piece of popcorn (from that which we bought. No I didn't just pick it off the ground) which looked like a skull and bones.

Late night snack!

Its a shame that it was raining sporadically that day/night. Otherwise I would've taken more photos. Nonetheless, Disney Sea was breathtakingly beautiful at night. My friend, who was in Venice at the time, thought we were also in Venice. Understandable, since Disney Sea's Mediterranean Harbour looked amazingly like Venice.

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