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Monday, 31 December 2012


I went to Sendai specifically to attend the Gazette Fan-Club-Only Concert there. Best day of my life. Saw The GazettE in the flesh, picked up Aoi's guitar pick, and Ruki sprayed water in my face. Twice. 
Bought Apple ice cream on the Shinkansen going from Tokyo to Sendai. Yummy, with pieces of real apple goodness.
Stopped by Subway for a quick meal before the concert. I ordered one with a filling of potato salad, mascarpone cheese and assorted veggies. It was absolutely divine.
While I was at the concert, my budddies took a few snaps around Sendai.
Date Masamune.
Pretty sure this bentou is Date Masamune-themed.

Shame that I didn't stay at Sendai for longer. It was a lovely city, with lovely people. It gave off a relaxed atmosphere and was slow-paced, reminding me of home in Perth.


  1. WOW YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!! *0* Treasure the guitar pick for the rest of your life and take it out for your great grand kids to see!

    1. Yup yup I'll treasure it forever and always ♡

      The GazettE are amazing live! The concert was soooo fun :D but I was exhausted towards the end. If I ever get to attend another of their concerts, I'll be sure to guzzle some red bull beforehand :P